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Become an Instructor

Becoming a CPR instructor is extremely rewarding! Whether you want to become an instructor to teach at your organization or you want to start your own training business, we can get you trained and certified! The steps are outlined below. Our Instructor Training Course is $300, which includes access to the online instructor course, digital class materials and your instructor certification once the in person skills class is completed.


Register for our next Instructor Trainer Class  HERE


Attend the in person skills class with proof of online course completion either printed or on your mobile phone


Complete the online instructor trainer course


Receive your instructor certification & align with a training center or start your own by contacting the American Red Cross 

Additional Costs to Consider 

Anytime, Anywhere


There are additional costs that you must consider when becoming a CPR instructor.

You are NOT required to purchase any of these things prior to receiving your instructor certification! We recommend waiting until you have successfully completed the course before investing any additional funds into becoming an instructor. Some of these costs may be covered by your employer, if you are teaching directly for them. However, if you are starting your own business, the out of pocket costs can be significant. 

  • CPR Manikin Kit  (includes 4 adults & 4 Infants + AED's) $1500- $2500

  • First Aid Kits/Supplies (comes in box of 100 or 500) $87 or $395

  • Roller bag or cart to easily travel with your equipment $50 - $100

  • Gloves $120 monthly (depending on class volume)

  • Professional Website, E-mail, Phone Number (DIY $60- $80 Monthly) or (Hire Professional $300 - $600 and then $30 - $60 monthly)

  • Registering your business as an LLC with your state (Indiana $90 *cost could be significantly more or less depending on your state

  • Renting a location to teach out of (cost varies depending on if you are doing a commercial lease or just renting out a library or gym) 

  • Gas and vehicle maintenance if you do a lot of on site CPR classes where you travel to different locations

  • Internet & phone 

  • Laptop $400+ 

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